Play From the Right Set of Tees

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July 10, 2014
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August 1, 2014

What set of tees should you play from? Most of the time when there is a group of guys they all seem to decide to play from the back tees. Is it really fun to always be hitting long irons, hybrids, or even woods into the green?

You are there to have fun, right? There is no shame to play from a shorter set of tees. Play from the set of tees that make it fun but still a little challenging. For example, if you hit the ball 275+ yards every drive it is okay to play the back tees. If you drive the ball 225 every time you would not have as much fun playing from the back tees as the longer hitter.

The different sets of tees are meant to even the playing field for shorter and longer hitters. They are not meant for a specific age range or gender.

I like the US Kids golf course setup calculation based on average carry distance. US Kids Course Setup

Research indicates that there is a consistent relationship between a player’s carry distance (without roll) and other clubs. The Driver Distance Chart provides information on the average distance a shot will carry for each club.

Each club has a percentage of carry distance and

The chart gives the appropriate 9 hole course length based on a weighted carry distance.

A PGA Tour player who carries a 3 wood 245 yards comfortable play a 9 hole course that is 3718 yards while  a junior golfer who carries the 3 wood 89 yards can  enjoy playing a 9 hole course distance of 1553.