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January 11, 2018
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March 26, 2018


Come to my “open house” to learn how my Scoring Method  will lower your scores five to ten shots guaranteed. The “open house” is at Olney Golf Park at 10am on March 3rd.


The best way to transfer skill from practice to the course is to simulate the golf course experience in practice. Games that have consequences for failure are the best avenue to transfer your skills to the golf course.



Play 21
Play nine random short-game holes (three easy, three medium, and three difficult) from 30 yards and in with one ball, and score each hole by the total number of strokes it takes you to hole out. Over the course of”
“the nine holes, be sure to use the full goinamut of your wedges.
Step 1: Select a target pin on the short-game practice green, then toss your ball to a random spot (again, within 30 yards of the pin).
Step 2: Play the ball as it lies and finesse it onto the green using your full process.
Step 3: Continue until you hole-out with your putter (or wedge). Choose the next pin and toss the ball into another random spot. Remember to create a mix of easy, medium, and difficult holes.
Step 4: Par for this nine-hole “course” is 21, which could be represented by six up-and-ins and three down-in-threes. A good score is 21 or less for a pro or competitive amateur and 23 for mid-handicaps.
This is my favorite finesse wedge practice game. It allows you to play nine short shots under competitive conditions in about ten minutes. During a normal four-hour round of golf you’re afforded only six or so of these short-game opportunities.  Try this game to lower your scores.


Jim Estes PGA

Golf Digest Top Teacher MD p