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February 13, 2014
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March 17, 2014

K-Vest is a new 3-D technology I have incorporated into my lesson to help facilitate new motor learning for my students.

The great thing is it gives you instant feedback by utilizing drills in the software for the proper swing. Sensors are placed on the Sacrum, top of the spine, and and on the lead hand. The K-vest measures in degrees per second the peak sequence and speed the hips, trunk, and club move in the swing.

I recently completed a 2 day certification class and have been using the K-vest with great success in my lessons.

The system’s user-friendly capture, analysis, and training software precisely measures swing efficiency and movement patterns. The real-time visual and auditory feedback keeps students coming back to your facility because they are able to monitor and track their progress over time. K-VEST’s comprehensive solution features include:

  • TPI 3D Software
    Developed by the Titleist Performance Institute, TPI 3D measures swing efficiency via the kinematic sequence and allows users to compare swing patterns to the world’s top PGA and LPGA players.
  • K-SWING Summary
    Simple and automated 3D analysis provides user-friendly reporting, comparative PGA/LPGA averages, and one click delivery of real-time training.
  • Video Analysis
    Allows users to simultaneously capture 3D and video, which can be viewed in single capture or in split screen mode with illustrative drawing tools.
  • Real-Time Feedback
    Real-time visual and auditory biofeedback can be used to improve every aspect of the golf swing, including set up, backswing, top and impact positions.

Since 2002, K-MOTION Interactive (KMI) has been an industry leader in the field of 3D motion capture technology. From swing capture to range of motion and biofeedback systems, the technology is now used in every major U.S. city and country around the world. K-TRAINER, a 2-sensor biofeedback system, allows teaching professionals to provide students with real-time auditory, visual, and kinesthetic feedback that will help eliminate swing faults, improve ball flight, and lower scores, all in significantly less time and customizable in every way.

From full swing and short game drills to golf specific exercise programs, K-TRAINER allows instructors to customize ranges based on teaching style and each player’s ability level. Smaller, more challenging ranges can be created for better players while larger, more achievable ranges can be selected for new golfers.

Possible Customizable Swing Drills:

  • Alignment (open/closed)
  • Posture (c or s Posture)
  • Hip Rotation (too little/too much)
  • Hip Pivot (reverse pivot)
  • Shoulder Plane (flat/steep shoulders)
  • Spine Angle (reverse spine angle)
  • K-FACTOR (too little/too much)

I’m looking forward to getting all of you onto the Kvest and improving your swing!

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