The Moment of Truth: Impact

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July 16, 2011
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November 20, 2013

Todays golf tip will cover important the characteristics of a good impact position.  

We can learn a lot about the quality of our shots from our divot pattern. Great ball strikers possess the ability to swing the clubhead down and out toward down the target line. The low point of the swing is forward of the ball up to 4 inches past the ball.

To achieve a consistent low point forward of the ball, one must  have a centered arc. The spine cannot sway or bob form the original position. The clubshaft always points to the target line except when they are parallel to each other and the clubhead line of flight will be controlled through impact.

Another important element in achieving good impact is no portion of the club can swing FORWARD INDEPENDENTLY in the hitting zone to achieve good impact. The shaft and left forearm must aligned and moving together on contact with the bal. a forward leaning shaft at impact insures a flat left wrist on contact with the ball.  The Clubhead travels “Down and Out” until it reahes itslow point. Divots are taken “Down and Out” -not just down. The club starts up and in after “Low Point” but thrust continues down the target line during the follow through.


A good practice exercise to help achieve good impact is place a tee in the ground so the top of the tee is showing. Try to hit the tee without hitting any portion of the ground.  

Work on this drill until you can hit the tee every time.

I hope this tip helps!