Aimpoint Green Reading – part 1

January 30, 2014
This new piece of tech is going to help you.
March 3, 2014

This is going to be the first in a series of posts talking about AimPointGolf‘s green reading system.  In this post, I will cover the definitions of Zero Line and Planar Pin Location and how to find the Zero Line on a Planar Pin Location green.

Zero Line – The line that represents a putt that will go in when aimed directly at the center of the hole when hit at the correct speed.  This line can be a straight putt or it can be a putt that double breaks where each break cancels the other out so the net break turns out to be zero.

Planar Pin Location – This is a pin location where the area around the hole is such that there is only one highest side and one lowest side.  Imagine a green that is straight back to front.  This would be an example of a green where every pin location on the green would be planar.

So, how do we find where the Zero Line is?

Within 8 feet, along with your eyes, the best way to determine where the straight uphill zero line is, is by using your feet.  Most people don’t use their feet and their ears nearly enough to help them when reading the green.  “Walking the curve” is what you need to practice to develop sensitivity in minor elevation change.  If you keep the distance between you and the hole constant, walk around the hole and you will be able to feel when you are walking downhill or uphill.  What you are searching for is the point when you switch from one to the other.  This switch in direction is where you would expect to find the Zero Line.

This takes practice but doesn’t require any special equipment.  However, while you are learning to turn on your feet, I would highly recommend using an Exelys Breakmaster to confirm your findings.

Exelys Breakmaster

Exelys Breakmaster - aimpoint putting instructionThe Exelys Breakmaster is a small device that will give you slope direction when you place it on the green.  While on the practice green, mark places on the green where you think the Zero Line is with a coin.  Place the breakmaster on the line between the coin and the hole and see if the direction of slope shown matches.  The breakmaster arrow would point directly at the hole or at the coin if you have correctly located the Zero Line.

If anyone is interested, I have secured a discount code from Exelys that gives anyone using it a $20 us discount.  You can find information on how to use the code by following this link..