3 Tips for Trajectory Control in the Wind

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July 15, 2011
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February 2, 2013

The 3rd round of  golf  at the Open Championship will have sustained winds of 20-25 mph today . The ability to control the height of your golf shots and centered-ness of hit will be imperative for distance control on iron shots. What  can the club golfer do to play better iron shots in windy weather?  

1.  The  general rule of thumb for club selection is for every ten miles per hour of wind against, take at least one extra club.

2.  Remember the greater the club speed, the more backspin is imparted  on the  golf ball and the higher the ball will fly. Several changes to how you set up will ensure  a lower ball flight. Trajectory control is done more effectively by changing the setup not making swing changes.

3.  My motto is “When it is very breezy, you must swing easy.”  Take at least  1 or 2 more clubs and shorten the length of the swing for control and solid contact. Position the ball back to the center of the stance, lean the shaft toward the the target but be careful not to close the face of the club. 

4.  The last adjustment to the set up in the wind is to grip down 1 or 2 inches on your club. Gripping down on the club will allow for better trajectory control and more consistent ball contact.