10 Drills in the Play Box

How Many “Strokes” did You Actually Take?
June 1, 2014
Strive For Excellence Junior Camp
June 6, 2014

One of the largest components of playing better golf is learning how to practice smarter. Today I want to cover 10 drills in the Play Box. Play Box: To execute shots in an athletic performance state you want to be present through your senses.

#1 Hit three putts seeing the line of the putt in the Play Box, three putts listening to the sound of impact, and three putts feeling a softness in your shoulders.

#2 Make ten 3-foot putts in a row from different locations. Do your full routine.

#3 Putt six different 20-footers, or longer, with the goal to get the ball to the hole or a maximum 1-putter length past.

Chip from the same spot with four different clubs – SW, W, 9, 8. Do this until you get all four shots within a club length. When finished, repeat the same drill to another hole.

#4 Hit five shots with your feet together, five shots standing on your right foot, five shots standing on your left foot, five shots with your eyes closed. Finish each swing in balance.

#5 Hit ten shots in a row with 100% commitment. If any of the shots have less than 100% commitment, start over. Mix it up with different types of shots. Do your full routine.

#6 Hit a draw, fade, extra high, extra low, slice, hook, straight, and half shot with three different clubs. Do your full routine.

#7 Set up a 5-hole course around the chipping or pitching green. Play and hole out, with total par being ten. Play as many rounds as you can in 30 minutes.

#8 Write down ten things you are grateful for, and genuinely feel that gratitude.

#9 Hit ten shots and emotionally fall in love with each shot.

#10 Hit five drives with 50% of full tempo, five 7-irons with 75% tempo and five half swings with your wedge.