Golf Tips

June 10, 2014

Hit or Miss the Tee Drill

If you are struggling with your angle of approach this drill could be for you. You can use this drill with any club you like. The […]
June 6, 2014

Strive For Excellence Junior Camp

The Strive for Excellence Junior Golf Camp is a half day camp from 9am to 1pm at Olney Golf Park where we help juniors lower their […]
June 6, 2014

10 Drills in the Play Box

One of the largest components of playing better golf is learning how to practice smarter. Today I want to cover 10 drills in the Play Box. […]
June 1, 2014

How Many “Strokes” did You Actually Take?

The USGA defines a stroke as “the forward movement of the club made with the intention of striking at and moving the ball, but if a […]